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Rushden Town Council

Rushden Looking To The Future

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Clerk: Mrs Vivienne Prodger
Rushden Hall, Hall Park
Rushden, Northamptonshire
NN10 9NG

Parks and Open Spaces

Listed below are the various green spaces and play areas within Rushden:

Green Spaces:
Bedford Road
Campbell Close
Campion Close
Cemetery Chapel
Clover Drive
Glenfield Close
Headingley Road
keats Way
Magnolia Drive
Mallards Open Space
Manor Park
Maye Dicks Road
Oakpits Way
Silverdale Grove
Spencer Park
Tennyson Road/Highfield Road
War Memorial

Play Areas:
Aintree Drive
Allen Road
Ascot Road
Beaumaris Close
Birkdale Drive
Coltsfoot Road
Deacon Close
Fosse Green
Hall Park
Harborough Way
Hilly Farm
Jubilee Park
Lime Street
Lynford Way
Melloway Road
Rose Avenue
Spencer Park
St James Park
Sylmond Gardens
Trafford Road
Tweed Close
Yarrow Close
Yeldon Close

Hall Park Tree tagging