Following the sad death of Councillor Ron Pinnock on 30th October 2020, a Casual Vacancy was declared to East Northants Council and a Notice of Vacancy was produced by ENC on 17th December 2020 (Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972). This vacancy was duly advertised by Rushden Town Council on their notice boards and website and was also advertised by ENC on their website. No poll was claimed with the 14 working days of the public notification of the vacancy and therefore Rushden Town Council were required to fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as practicable (Local Elections ( Parish and Communities) Rules 1986/2215, r8(3).

At a meeting of Rushden Town Council on 19th January 2021 Cameron Clarke was duly elected to fill the Casual Vacancy. 'Cameron has lived, worked and studied in Rushden all his life, before leaving to study Politics and International relations at the University of Northampton. Prior to that he worked in a restaurant at Rushden Lakes being in such a big business environment led him to develop a keen interest in local affairs which now brings him to Rushden Town Council'.

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