Rushden TS Diamond Sea Cadets

Rushden Diamond Division was a product of the success of Northampton Sea Cadet Corps in 2004/2005 when they won the award for the Best UK Sea Cadet Unit.
As Northampton Sea Cadets is based on an island the decision was taken to expand into local towns by establishing divisions of cadets linked to the hub unit.
The hub unit was to provide stores, training support and financial support through the existing management committee and command team.
The division in Rushden first paraded in September 2005 using a single classroom in Wrenn School in Wellingborough. The unit thrived and quickly outgrew the class room and occupied the school Gymnasium and Drama Studio. In March 2007 the unit moved to the Cadet Forces Building in Wellingborough and meet there on a Friday evening. The unit needed to find a building which they could use more and found a building in Rushden where they are situated now. The building they share with the Rushden Air Cadets and Army Cadets.

Telephone:0207 654 7000
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Organisation Type:Community

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