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Update on our Play Areas

Update on our Play Areas

As lockdown restrictions relax further, please note the following update:

We will be reopening our play parks this Thursday (09/07), however please be assured that we are working within the new government guidelines.

After reopening, play areas will be routinely cleaned, especially regular touch points.

The hygienic use of the play equipment in between any cleaning, will be the responsibility of the users and it is recommended that any users follow the government guidelines on safe hygiene. This includes washing hands before and after a visit, bringing and using hand sanitiser or wipes for personal use, refraining from touching your face, and bagging and binning any tissues.

Social distancing of 2 metres will continue to apply in all Park areas.

Please ensure you dispose of your litter responsibly in the bins provided (or taking it home with you!)

Posted: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 17:55 by Michelle Lewis

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