The Great British September Clean

The Great British September Clean

Keep Rushden Tidy
As a part of the national campaign to 'keep Britain Tidy' and the 'Great British September Clean' from 11th- 27th September, we are encouraging the residents of Rushden to check out how they can get involved.

If you'd like to organise a clean-up or see the different ways you could get involved, please go to:

East Northamptonshire Council also offer litter picking equipment and safety guidelines for litter picking groups who want to help tidy up the district's towns, villages and parks. They can help by providing the equipment you need for a clean up, including litter pickers, gloves, and hi-vis vests. They also pick up and dispose of the rubbish collected and advise on what to do if any dangerous or harmful materials are found.

Let's all make a pledge to keep Rushden Tidy! #LoveParks #KeepItBinIt #KeepBritainTidy #KeepRushdenTidy

Posted: Thu, 03 Sep 2020 11:36 by Michelle Lewis

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