A45 Chowns Mill - Weekly Look Ahead

During the day this week we will continue to work on kerbing, drainage and preparing for laying Tarmac this weekend. The road sweeper will be present during the day across all areas

There will be minimal nighttime work during the week, however we will have a closure of the southern half of the roundabout on Wednesday & Thursday to prepare for the forthcoming weekend works.

At the weekend, (weather permitting) we have planned for a full weekend closure of the Chows Mill roundabout – this is to safely complete the surfacing of the roundabout, we will resurface:

A45 WB approach, A6 SB Departure & the south eastern quadrant of the roundabout

We will be laying Tarmac both days and nights – residents may feel slight vibrations and hear an unusual amount of noise, compared to the previous few months.

We appreciate that closures of this scale can be a source of frustration. We've carefully weighed up the impact of closing the road against the benefit of reducing overall disruption to the network.

By fully closing the roundabout for two weekends we can carry out the work faster than if we had a series of road closures over several weekends or nights.

Once the resurfacing is complete, customers will benefit from travelling on a quieter, smoother road surface. Road users will also be able to see the intended outline of the new junction.

Please see the revised and updated road closure schedule is below.

Posted: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 09:33 by Admin

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