Census visit caution

We have been informed that some residents have been visited by Census officers who are knocking on doors following up non-responders.

Census officers will always produce photo ID and will never ask to enter your property. You will never be asked to provide your National Insurance number, financial details or payment for a late penalty.

Sadly there will always be people who will use something like the Census 2021 event as an opportunity to scam others, in particularly targeting the most vulnerable members of our communities.

We would urge you to be vigilant and exercise caution and if you are concerned that the person on your doorstep is not a census officer, you can call the number on the critical workers letter that the officer can show you.

We ask you to please share this information with your friends, neighbours and any elderly or vulnerable people you may know.

Posted: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 10:08 by Michelle Lewis

Tags: News