Off The Streets NN’ install their second Bleed Box in Rushden

Off The Streets NN’ install their second Bleed Box in Rushden

Off The Streets NN' have installed their second Bleed Box in Rushden, this time in Hall Park, located outside the accessible toilets which are next door to Rushden Museum.

Rushden Town Council has been working with 'Off The Streets NN' Off the Streets NN CIC- a local anti-knife crime group, to help find suitable locations for several emergency bleed control kits that can be used to provide emergency aid to treat patients injured in a serious violent crime.

This particular box has been funded by local Rushden business, The Kids Shoe Den along with Wollaston Therapy Centre.

The first Bleed Box was installed in the walkway that leads from the High Street (between Kabab Express and Rushden Podiatry) to Orchard Place Carpark, Rectory Road.

The boxes contain gloves, bandages and a tourniquet and can only be opened with a code given by emergency services when someone phones 999.A video of how to use the kit is available here:

The group are hosting a Critical bleed control training in Rushden which is free to attend. You can learn how to use the contents of the bleed bags which help to keep someone alive until ambulance arrives.



AT 18:00

See here for more information on the event:

Posted: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 11:38 by Michelle Lewis

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