'New Public Spaces' Questionnaire now live

'New Public Spaces' Questionnaire now live

'New Public Spaces for Rushden' Questionnaire

Rushden Town Council together with consultants Troy Planning + Design have developed a set of drawings and documents for Rushden Town Centre in a bid to secure funding from North Northamptonshire Council for three projects with ideas and visions based on long held aspirations for new and much needed public and green spaces within the town centre. We'd appreciate if you could take the time to answer questionnaire, as your responses will help Rushden Town Council understand community opinion about emerging ideas for new public spaces in Rushden Town Centre.

Click here to open the 'New Public Spaces' Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/U7oyTf2QuQKrzRUD7

Our 'Neighbourhood Plan and new Design Code' Questionnaire has been extended for two more weeks and both of the questionnaires will be available until 22nd May. https://forms.gle/unXM4uCoKQhXLy7w9

Posted: Thu, 05 May 2022 15:30 by Michelle Lewis

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