Improved Tennis Court Booking System at Spencer Park

Improved Tennis Court Booking System at Spencer Park


The tennis courts at Spencer Park, Rushden will soon be operating a new booking and access system starting in the Spring of 2023. In partnership with The LTA, Rushden Town Council has secured grant funding to enable a new Smartgate entry system to be installed on both sets of tennis courts.

This is an exciting development and will provide a much improved and modern approach to how our community tennis courts can be booked.

Once the gates are installed, they will link to a new online tennis court booking system which will enable residents to book and guarantee time on the tennis courts in advance. This will help provide fair and equal access to everyone who want to use the courts to play tennis, which we know become very popular from April onwards.

Following the court refurbishment in 2020, the tennis courts were left unlocked, however this has lead to two main issues. Firstly there was no way of booking or reserving a tennis court, many people are left disappointed when the courts are all in use when they turn up to play. Additionally there are instances of having to wait around without know if or when a court may become free.

Secondly its important the council retain the tennis courts for their intended use and we are committed to providing a safe, clean, secure and welcoming environment for residents to play tennis for many years to come.

Once the new gates are installed the tennis courts will be able to be booked online in advance. The tennis courts are then accessed using a unique pin code which is sent via email and will become active at the time of your booking. The booking system only applies to the tennis courts and will not apply to the multi-use games area which remains free and open to use.

To ensure the tennis courts remain in a clean and playable condition into the future the council will also be introducing a low cost booking fee to access the courts during certain periods of the year. There will still be plenty of free court hours available throughout the week to book.

To further support people playing tennis in Rushden, the council will also be working with an LTA qualified and accredited tennis coach. Starting from mid-April a weekly free tennis coaching sessions will run on Sundays. This will follow on from the Park Run that starts at 9am. The free tennis session will be open to families and players of all ability to help you improve and enjoy your tennis.

The system the council is adopting is being used by many other councils across the country. With additional help from the LTA and working with a local coach we hope to open up community tennis to more people.

Further information on the new tennis court booking system and free tennis session will soon be available here and displayed on new signage at the courts.

Posted: Wed, 04 Jan 2023 11:59 by Michelle Lewis

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