Mayor's Attends Commemoration Service of the Late Tony Goodfellow

Mayor's Attends Commemoration Service of the Late Tony Goodfellow

On Thursday 27th April 2023 the Town Mayor, Cllr Adrian Winkle, attended a Commemoration Service at Rushden Newton Road Cemetery to mark the 50th Anniversary of the passing of the late Anthony (Tony) Goodfellow.

Tony Goodfellow, aged 26, a soldier in the Royal Anglian Regiment and a son of Rushden, was sadly shot dead on the 27th of April 1973 whilst serving in Londonderry and subsequently laid to rest in Rushden Cemetery.

The graveside service was attended by many including veterans from the Royal Anglian Association, the Royal British Legion and representatives from the Rushden and Higham Rugby Club.

Mr Graham Sayers, a Section Commander, a Corporal, and in his section of eight men, one of them being Tony Goodfellow. Mr Sayers was instrumental in the organisation of this Commemoration.

"Tony was a great guy, a good soldier and a friend, he had been a Scout in the Rushden troop, indeed he rose to be a 'Queen's Scout' and shortly after his death the Scouts of Rushden raised funds to buy a cup in his name. That became the Goodfellow Trophy which was given to the Scouts of Londonderry to be competed for annually, I believe for orienteering. Along with the rest of our Platoon I met his mother when she came over to present it to them, she died some time ago now and is buried next to him. He was an avid player of Rugby and so was also part of the Rushden and Higham Rugby Club where he is still remembered and in fact they have a 'Goodfellow' cup which is awarded each year".

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