Rushden's Mosaic Workshop Round Up

Rushden's Mosaic Workshop Round Up

The Mosaic workshops were held in Rushden Hall and involved a series of 6 sessions throughout the day.

Local children attended the workshop and were guided by a skilled mosaic artist who presented them with a personal tile and materials to create their own mosaic piece.

The workshop began with a demonstration after which the children set to work on their masterpieces. They meticulously arranged the colourful pieces, carefully considering the patterns and designs they wished to create. The tutor moved from table to table, offering guidance and encouragement, ensuring that each child's creative vision was fully realized

Our Mayor actively participated in one of the sessions and had the opportunity to present certificates.

As the workshop neared its end, the children proudly displayed their finished mosaic pieces and were delighted to receive certificates to mark the event.

All the planned workshops were met with overwhelming enthusiasm from parents and children alike, who expressed their gratitude and satisfaction to the council and committee for organising such valuable opportunities.

They were grateful to have the chance to attend a local event on their doorstep and expressed a desire that more events like this would be most welcome.

The positive feedback received via the social channels further reinforced the success of all the events enhancing the well-being, growth, and sense of community in the local area.

These workshops provided a structured and educational environment for the children and also offered fun and engaging activities that helped in their overall development.

Rushden Town Council's initiative was a great success, leaving both children and parents excited for the possibility of future workshops.

Posted: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 09:48 by Tracey Macleavy

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