Unleash Your Child's Holiday Creativity with Our FREE Festive Friday Christmas Mosaic Workshop!

Unleash Your Child's Holiday Creativity with Our FREE Festive Friday  Christmas Mosaic Workshop!

Free Workshop for Children during the Christmas holidays, to be provided by Rushden Town Council, held at Rushden Hall on Friday 22nd December, 2023.

Following the success of the previous workshops, Rushden Town Council are delighted to provide a free Christmas Mosaic workshop for children during the holidays.

A series of six classes will run throughout the day starting at 10am and lasting for 45 minutes.

A Christmas Mosaic workshop is a fun and interactive activity where children can create their own mosaic designs using colourful tiles. During the workshop, children will be provided with various materials, adhesive, and tools to create their own mosaic artwork. They will learn how to cut and arrange the pieces in different patterns and shapes to form a festive image or design. The workshop will be guided by experienced instructors who will provide step-by-step instructions and offer creative suggestions. Children will be encouraged to explore their imagination and experiment with colours and shapes to create unique and personalised mosaic designs. The Christmas theme of the workshop will inspire children to create holiday-themed designs such as Christmas trees, snowmen or Father Christmas.

This workshop will not only help children develop their artistic skills but also promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. It will provide them with a sense of accomplishment and pride as they see their mosaic designs come to life. At the end of the workshop, children will have a beautiful mosaic artwork that they can take home and display as a Christmas decoration.

It will serve as a wonderful memory of their creative experience. Overall, the workshop offers a fun and engaging activity for children to enjoy while promoting artistic expression and holiday spirit. Each Session is for a 45-minute duration and is available to children aged 4 years and upwards. Parent's/carer's need to be present at all times.

Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and early booking is recommended to secure a place.

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Posted: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 16:38 by Tracey Macleavy

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