Yarn Bombers

Rushden Town Council are looking for knitters and crocheters to help decorate the town and the first intended project is the King's Coronation.

Bring joy and colour to many everyday items on our streets, such as post boxes, railings, seats, benches and bollards. This is an ideal opportunity for everyone, knitting groups and community groups to use up any surplus wool.

If you have a round topped post box or railing posts in your street, why not decorate it!

Cllr. Janet Pinnock is coordinating the group and welcomes all interest. "Our Town's famous decorated bikes have been a great success since they first appeared and we felt that decorating other structures around the town would be an extension of that and provide similar joy" She also added," What better way to bring a smile to everyone's faces and they go abut their daily business. Do get in touch. It will be fun!"

Rushden Town Council is hoping to host a regular group meeting and further details will be available in the near future. Please express your interest by telephone or email and we shall keep you updated with all information.

For further information and to register your intention of the area you wish to decorate please contact Rushden Town Council, tel. 01933 316216 or email info@rushdentowncouncil.gov.uk

Last updated: Thu, 09 Mar 2023 16:45